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The Story of the CSMP!

The Certified Social Media Professional (CSMP) is the #1 Social Media - Strategy Based - Certification within the Middle East & Africa (MEA). Accredited from few institutions within USA and UK.

I have authored the CSMP during the year 2011, since the initial revolution of the Social Media worldwide and within the MEA region in specific. I have spent more than 3 continues years writing the content of the CSMP.

The CSMP has been designed on a well sustained methodology of KNOW-HOW and next minute action to achieve the target of CONVERSION!
I don't believe in the BLIND  activities, nor I would love to. RESULTS is my ultimate dictionary word and so the CSMP was built, to GENERATE a well measured set of RESULTS using a well-build STRATEGY.

The CSMP has been started as an ordinary Social Media Marketing training program. At this time, participants like the theme "Social Media in Action" - By then, I decided to make it even more solid.

Attending the CSMP helps you to BUILD your STRATEGY and achieve the CONVERSION of RESULTS. That can be Publicity, Sales and Community Building.


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It is a GLOBAL Certification Program!

The CSMP has been always a point of attraction for worldwide audience and global brands, Attended by more than 30,000 marketing and business professionals.

All delegates receive social media planning templates, free PDFs, downloads, action plans and everything they need from a start to finish as to create a successful social media plan that sells and generate revenues.

Attended Countries
France UK
Saudi Arabia UAE
Morocco Ireland
Kuwait Egypt
Afghanistan India
Austria Pakistan
Australia Sudan
Czech Bahrain

About the CSMP Program:

The Certified Social Media Professional (CSMP) is one of the most popular programs that consistently receives the top scores from participants. It is specialized in the Social Media Strategy and Digital Marketing for companies of all sizes and industries.

The CSMP© is facilitated by the International Digital Mark
eting expert, Dr. Ahmed Saber who has over 15 years of experience in professional speaking and practical training. He is also a digital media consultant for a group of regional companies within the Middle East, Africa and the Far East.

This comprehensive certification program - CSMP© - is packed with useful, actionable information that will put you on the path to success and results!

All delegates will receive social media planning templates, free PDFs, downloads, action plans and everything you need from a start to finish as to create a successful social media plan that sells and generate revenues.

The Main Pillars of the CSMP:

The CSMP has been designed to acheive the the following three main strategically pillars:

- Strategize Social Media Capabilities
- Gain and Sustain Advantages in Competitive Markets
- Differentiate Your Career Expertise

The CSMP Offers Unique set of Characteristics:
- 6 Practical Assignments
- 1 Project Plan (Product Launch)
- 1 Presentation
- Social Media (Set of Questions)
- 1 Graduation Project
- Online Testing

Reasons to Attend the CSMP?

- Hot topics that you essentially need to improve your business life
- High quality training material
- Interactive discussions
- This is a combined training with consulting
- Best Practices bases training.. No theories – Applicable & Realistic
- Supported templates, references and readings
- Certificate of Attendance
- Online Testing
- International accreditation (Optional, requires %70 at least)
- Dedicated FREE Consulting session

What Would you Learn?

- How to build your Social Media strategy and put it in ACTION.
- Understand the capabilities and characteristics of the social media.
- Create the right content of the matching social media based on business need.
- Understand how to build your image online professionally.
- Know the right tools to identify your online audience
- Generate leads, run your online trading, monitor your brand
- Run multiple and effective PR campaigns online.
- Maximize your online presence through different social media networks.
- Build, manage, follow up and monitor current and future campaigns .
- Learn how to get an access to the effective social media marketing tools.
- Get your questions answered throughout training interactions and discussions.
- Learn best tools and solutions for next minute results.
- How to build your business effective social TV using YouTube.
- Create your Social Media strategy and implement it with interactive role play
- Social Media KPIs & Measurement Tools


Sample of the Covered Topics:
- Hands on big networks:
  (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram & GoogleAdWords)
- Creating the social Hype:
  (The correlation branding strategic Link)
- The Social Media Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
- How to optimize your online website and get it visitors through social networks:
  (enable SEO organic performance)
- Writing content for the Social Audience
- Social Media Strategy
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Levels!
- How to deal with Social Media Marketing agencies
- Generating Hits, Likes, Followers and More
- Building Database and Effective Social CRM Application
- Creating Stories on the Social Media networks
- Creating a Project with Strategy
- Certification Project


Interested to Host the CSMP?
I am glad to run the CSMP within your company or for business groups. I am open to collaborate with training houses and consulting firms too.

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