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Certified Social Media Professional (CSMP) - Cairo

17-19 April, 2018 - Cairo, Egypt 

The Story of the CSMP!

The Certified Social Media Professional (CSMP) is the #1 Social Media - Strategy Based – Certification program within the Middle East & Africa (MEA); accredited from few institutions within USA, UK& UAE. The CSMP has been initially introduced to the market during the year 2011. The CSMP has been designed on a well sustained methodology of KNOW-HOW and next minute action to achieve the target of CONVERSION!

The Certified Social Media Professional (CSMP) focuses on building the best/profitable/measured and well defined Social Media Marketing STRATEGY to deploy throughout the big Social Media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube and Google AdWords) and make use of their Social & Viral power to achieve your business goals.

Attending the CSMP helps you to BUILD your STRATEGY and achieve the CONVERSION of RESULTS. That can be Publicity, Leads, Sales and Community Building.


It is a GLOBAL Certification Program!

The CSMP has been always a point of attraction for worldwide audience and global brands, Attended by more than 30,000 marketing and business professionals from over 16 participated countries i.e. USA, UK, Ireland, India, Egypt, UAE, Oman, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Pakistan, Czech, France, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Bahrain,…etc.

All delegates receive social media planning templates, free PDFs, downloads, action plans and everything they need from a start to finish as to create a successful social media plan that sells and generate revenues.

About the CSMP Program

The CSMP is a handmade genuine program, well designed and internationally accredited with next action impact on your business SALES, publicity and LEADS IMPROVED!

The Certified Social Media Professional (CSMP) is one of the most popular programs that consistently receives the top scores from participants. It is specialized in the Social Media Strategy and Digital Marketing for companies of all sizes and industries.

This comprehensive certification program - CSMP - is packed with useful, actionable Social Media marketing information that will put you on the path to success and results!

The CSMP is facilitated by the International Digital Marketing expert, Dr. Ahmed Saber who has over 15 years of experience in professional speaking and practical training. He is also a digital media consultant for a group of well-known brands within the Middle East, Africa and the Far East.


Sample of the Covered Topics

  • During the first moments of the 1st day you will be able to
  • identify the VALUE PROPOSITION of your products/services
  • and use them as your spearhead.
  • How would you use the biggest social media networks
  • strategically and tactically.
  • Creating the social Hype (the Link)
  • The Social Media Indicators
  • Preparing the content
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Boosting the Online presence
  • Working with Agencies
  • Generating Hits, Likes, Followers and More
  • Building Database and Effective Social CRM Application
  • Creating Stories on the Social Media networks
  • Creating a Project with Strategy

Why to attend the CSMP?

This certification program unlocks your knowledge to score the best use of the social media with unlimited possibilities
regardless your type of work, education level or your gender.

By attending this actionable training with enjoy the following benefits:

  • Improve your career like no other the Social Media Marketing.
  • Learn how to build your Social Media strategy and put it in ACTION.
  • Meet, discuss and consult the Social Media Entrepreneur, Dr.Ahmed Saber.
  • Understand the capabilities and characteristics of the social media.
  • Create the right content of the matching social media based on business needs, plans and budget.
  • Understand how to build your image online professionally.
  • Know the right tools to identify your online audience, generate leads, run your online trading, monitor your brand, run multiple
  • and effective PR campaigns online.
  • Maximize your online presence through different social media networks and gateways.
  • Build, manage, follow up and monitor current and future campaigns (i.e. product launch, Go-to-Market strategy, PR
  • wave...etc.).
  • Learn how to get an access to the effective social media marketing tools.
  • Get your questions answered throughout training interactions and discussions.
  • Learn best tools and solutions for next minute results.
  • How to build your business effective social TV using YouTube.
  • Create your Social Media strategy and implement it with interactive role play and simulations Strategy implementation and application with Dos and Donts.


It's a PRACTICAL Program:

You will be engaged with the following in-class activities and material:

  • 6 Assignments
  • 1 Go-to-Market plan
  • A product launch
  • A certification project
  • Original CSMP Material


The CSMP Pillars:

The CSMP has been designed to acheive the the following three main strategically pillars:

  • Strategize Social Media Capabilities
  • Gain and Sustain Advantages in Competitive Markets
  • Differentiate Your Career Expertise


Reasons to attend the CSMP:

  • Build your business Social Media Strategy (measurable/profitable)
  • Practical training with effective Knowledge Transfer sessions rigth from the expert (6 assignments, 1 plan, 1 certification project, 1 presentation, 1 Online test)
  • High Quality geniune material
  • FREE Templates
  • FREE Book
  • FREE Consulting
  • 10 of Business Cases
  • 10 of KPIs (examples & calculations)
  • Interactive discussions
  • Online Testing
  • International accreditation


CSMP Offers Unique set of Characteristics:

  • Build your business Social Media Strategy (measurable/profitable)
  • Practical training with effective Knowledge Transfer sessions rigth from the expert (6 assignments, 1 plan, 1 certification project, 1 presentation, 1 Online test)
  • High Quality genuine material
  • FREE Templates
  • FREE Book
  • FREE Consulting
  • 10 of Business Cases
  • 10 of KPIs (examples & calculations)
  • Interactive discussions
  • Online Testing
  • International accreditation



About Dr. Ahmed Saber
Dr. Ahmed Saber is an Innovative Marketing Consultant for many well-known businesses regionally and internationally, professional multilingual speaker for many international events worldwide,awesome trainer, author of "Effective E-Marketing ... Keys to Success" book and "Black E-Marketing Handbook" - with 15+ years of solid professional expertise leveraging the Middle East and international businesses with his strategic marketing services.

Saber's key industry experience focuses on leveraging digital business opportunities to estimate the size of target markets and
communicate with target customer segments.

He worked on the design of B2B, B2C and B2G E-Marketing and target market selection software. He used to assist companies with their online publicity activities, particularly focusing optimizing target market messaging and sales promotion offers. - PhD holder in Strategic Marketing; University of Derby - UK - Winner of Queen Victoria Commemorative Medal for Entrepreneurship, UK - Co-Founder of the Best Managers Network - Co-Founder of Masar Initiative for Professional Training in Economical Cost - VIP Speaker, GITEX Dubai & CeBIT Germany - Multilingual Speaker (Arabic, English, French & Japanese) - Founder of "Saber Show" the 1st Online professional training portal in mp3 - Enjoys a strategic way of innovative thinking - Founder of the leading innovative knowledge-transfer firm ""MINDPEDIA" - Founder of the Professional Trainers Network (PTN) - operating in more than 20
countries globally.

Online applications stores and mobile media have been two of the internationally discussed topics and thus; Saber has offered
amazing business contribution to several mobile vendors, operators and mobile software development firms. Mobile technology and Mobile Payment (mPayment) used to be another plus addition to his rich profile. Saber is the author of the first Multimedia based E-Business Reference to cover all E-Business areas from A-Z in Arabic. Online media streaming is yet another 'WoW' of his enriched profile, with a proven record of success to develop the first online internet radio in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).


Date .. When?
Date: 17-19 April, 2018 - Cairo, Egypt
When: 10am - 5pm


Investment .. How much?
Only 3000 Egyptian Pounds


Interested to Register?

Please send a WhatsApp Message with your Name and message "CSMP Cairo"  to: 00201027728006
Our team will guide you with the Registration process



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